Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

How is this program different from other school behavior programs?

  • The program is focused on acknowledging students for demonstrating positive behavior.
  • Teachers are acknowledged for noticing positive student behavior.
  • Routines and language with respect to appropriate school behavior are consistent throughout the school.

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The following are our school rules, known as Tuffy's Terrific Three R's

Be Respectful

  • Classroom: Use positive language when responding to others
  • Lunch/Recess: Use kind words and include others in play or conversation.
  • Home: Follow directions the first time without argument
  • Community: Be a kind and helpful neighbor.

Be Responsible

  • Classroom: Do your school work and turn it in.
  • Lunch/Recess: Clear your table in the cafeteria and return all playground equipment.
  • Home: Help with housework.
  • Communty: Keep the neighborhood clean. 

Be Ready to Learn

  • Classroom: Have school supplies needed at the start of each class.
  • Lunch/Recess: Be prepared to listen to a change in directions
  • Home: Get your backpack ready for school the night before.
  • Community: Know safety rules.