Caring School Community Corner 12/5/19

Fri, 12/06/2019 - 3:25pm

Now that first quarter report cards have been sent home, you have likely seen the latest report card template reflecting the following new learning behaviors:

  • Demonstrates Interpersonal Skills
  • Demonstrates Responsibility
  • Demonstrates Perseverance
  • Demonstrates Collaboration
  • Demonstrates Initiative
  • Entries must be original work.
  • All entries must use no smaller than 12 point font in Times New Roman.
  • Short story entry must range between 100-400 words (gr. 1-2) and 300-800 words (gr. 3-5).
  • Poem entry will consist of a single poem, any style, and must range between 25-150 words (all grade levels).
  • Entries must not include graphics.
  • Each entry must include a completed cover sheet signed by the student author’s parent.

Consider having ongoing conversations with your child(ren) to make connections with learning behaviors in different areas of their lives. For instance, discuss the meaning of responsibility and how it applies to the child’s role on the sports team (arriving on-time to practices and games, being dependable, putting forth best efforts, encouraging teammates, etc.). Allow your child(ren) to explain how perseverance and collaboration may also play a role in extracurricular activities. How did the family demonstrate (or not) collaboration getting ready for the Thanksgiving feast? Did any family members show perseverance getting ready for the big day? How does being able to show initiative help a person when they feel bored during school breaks?

Showing how the learning behaviors connect to normal life helps children understand them better and how they can practice each of these skills every day!