Principal's Message 11/14/19

Fri, 11/15/2019 - 12:25pm

Dear Parents,
As we move into the winter season, we would like to again request your support with assuring that the children come dressed with appropriate outdoor clothing daily. In general, students participate in outside recess when the temperature combined with the wind chill is not less than 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Having hats, gloves and coats assures students have the opportunity to be comfortable as they engage in physical activities and get fresh air.

Additionally, we kindly request that you write your child’s last name on the inside tag of his/her coat. This will help ensure that the coat will get returned to your child if it is found in the school, on the bus, or in the lost and found. Please do not drop students off prior to 8:40 a.m. as they do not enter the building until 8:45 a.m.
In times of emergencies/school closings, information will be shared with the community through the following:
                        The school system’s homepage:
                        HCPSS News email and text message alerts
                        HCPSS Information Hotline: 410-313-6666
                        Twitter - @hcpss
                        Facebook - Howard County Public School System
                        HCPSS Cable TV - Comcast 95/Verizon 42
On another note, I wanted to share that with the flu season approaching, we would appreciate donations of hand sanitizer and tissue boxes to the classroom teachers and office. These will be used throughout the building to provide students, staff and visitors during the day. Although we have a dispenser in the cafeteria, your children are also welcome to bring individual sanitizers in their lunch boxes. Your children are also able to keep un-medicated Chap Stick in their pocket or lunch box. If you elect to have your child bring his/her own sanitizer or Chap Stick, please help us in explaining that these items are personal and should not be shared with other students.
Thank you for your ongoing partnership!


Kimberlyn S. Pratesi
Hammond Elementary School